Our Congregation

Rector Fr. Bruno talks about the congregation

The Salesians of Don Bosco a Roman Catholic religious institute founded in the late nineteenth century by Saint John Bosco to help poor youths and children. The Mission of the Salesians is to be in the Church signs and bearers of the love of God for young people, especially those who are poor.

Our Priority

We, the Salesians, are devoted to apostolic and missionary activity and to the many different works inspired by Christian charity, but especially the service of young people, in particular those who are poorer and disadvantaged. Open to the cultural values of the lands in which we work, we try to understand them and become part of them so as to incarnate in them the message of the Gospel.

The mission of the Salesians is organized by different but complementary cornerstones of the institute, activities such as:

  • EDUCATION, with the institution of literacy and primary school, scholarships to educate the poorest children/youngsters, education of teachers, purchase of didactic and material tools;
  • PROFESSIONAL FORMATION, with the institution of professional school, equipped workshops, scholarship for professional courses for the poorest students in need, credit for graduate students to develop their own start-up, re-certification of former labourer;
  • SOCIAL-SANITARY INTERVENTIONS, with the building of hospitals, clinics, family counsellings, education of the medical employees, purchase of sanitary materials and tools;
  • EMERGENCY, with intervention by necessity in crisis situations, such as natural disasters, famine, wars, first aid assistance to refugees and migrants;
  • EVANGELIZING ACTIVITIES, supporting seminars, vocational and missionary centres, building places of worship, purchase of holy furniture, education and formation of priests.

The Salesians arrived in Zimbabwe on the 24th May 1995. The first mission was held in Kambuzuma, Harare, following the pastoral guidelines of the archbishop Chakaipa, where we took care of the parish activities, by giving preference to the young people, opening the Don Bosco Young Centre at Westwood, 16.

In the year 2000, the superiors decided to open another mission in Zimbabwe in Hwange, where two Salesians were sent to explore the location site and plan the building of the college, supported by the bishop Ignatius Prieto.

Our Community

Fr. Pontiano, Asp. Augustin, Asp. Emmanuel, Br. Francis, Fr. Bruno, Fr. Simba, Asp. Tapiwa


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