A Technical & Professional Building


The Don Bosco Technical College is situated in the mining town which is in the Hwange District, Matabeleland North Province, in North-Western part of Zimbabwe. The area is close to the International borders of Botswana and the Republic of Zambia. Hwange and the surrounding countryside are a centre for the mining industry in Zimbabwe. Hwange Colliery is the largest in the country, with proven reserves that are estimated to last over 1,000 years at current production levels. Zimbabwe’s biggest power plant, Hwange Thermal Power Station, was built here in the 1980s.


The project’s goals is to primarily reach youth in the three Districts of Hwange, Gokwe and Bulawayo; we also hope to reach youth in the entire Matabeleland North Province. The mission of the institute is to impart technical education to marginalized youth. Together with the knowledge and skills, the College will be a real center for human, and Christian maturity, embracing an atmosphere of a family spirit holding honesty and responsibility as ideals. Extra curriculum activities such as sports, music, dance, art, theater, etc. will accompany the technical subjects. The initial survey and workshop for all stakeholders will outline the type of courses the College plans to offer.

Project & Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of this project are rural youth aged 15-35 years living in poverty with no access to Second Chance Services. In the past 10 years, Zimbabwe experienced a sharp decline in the overall socio-economic status of the population due to a number of factors, including politically motivated violence and an economic meltdown resulting in loss of income and livelihood. The unstable economic environment during this period led to the proliferation of the informal sector and parallel (black) market, which absorbed most young people as agents and illegal dealers.

The plot where the college will be constructed is nr. 1784 and is located in the km 327 along Bulawayo Road. The Salesians of Don Bosco received 29 hectares of land donated by the Government of Zimbabwe (Deed of Grant n.928/2016) to set-up the project. DBTC will have a dual academic-technical curriculum. Students will take standard academic courses mandated by the Department of Education. Technical studies are the equivalent of the standard Technology and Livelihood Education subject in other schools, with the subjects focusing more on future occupations connected to Engineering and Technology.

Stakeholders & Partners

Young Africa, legal consultant of the project from 2016, is a skills training organisation operating in Southern Africa. The uniqueness of YA’s employability programming is in its highly innovative and sustainable franchise business model. Every YA centre is set up as a social enterprise which provides skills training through local entrepreneurs, who assume the responsibility to train young people to be entrepreneurs or to be skilled enough to be employed by entrepreneurs. Salesians of Don Bosco of Hwange, delegates of the congregation, are responsible of the entire project, from the realization of the campus to the education and training of the young people of the College.

There are many key players who are helping to implement the college program, in particular: The Hwange-Gokwe Diocese, the Government of Zimbabwe, several local institutions and private companies, such as the Hwange Colliery, the Local Board of Hwange, the Polytechnic of ayo, the Lupane State University, the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, and the friends’ community of the Empumalanga neighborhood. For more you can download the DBTC ENVISIONING PACKAGE. – see below