Saint John Bosco was born in Castelnuovo d’Asti the 16th August 1815, in a farmers’ family. After the father’s leaving, the mother Margherita started to educate her children following the Christian values, so John developed the idea of becoming priest. a Since he was young, he began to entertain his friends with games and sports in a common public space, interchanging these activities with work, study and pray.

He became priest in 1841, and from that moment he dedicated all his life to children and youngsters. He started with the creation of the oratory in Valdocco, firstly for the festive days, later welcoming the homeless orphans, educating them to find a job, to pray the Lord and follow the Christian values to live ethically.

Keep on going with this project, John Bosco started to be joined by other cooperators, who were going to be referred to as Salesians, developing an educative method that put together all the beliefs related to the catholic way of living.

In the 1864 the Salesians’ Congregation received the official recognition from the Holy See, and in the later ‘70s the first Salesians’ houses and missions around the world have been started, especially in the Latin America and Southern Asia.

John Bosco died the 31st January 1888, at the age of 72, while still working and praying with children and young people. He had been beatified in 1929 by Pope Pio XI, who had met him and knew his way of working.

Don Bosco, was one of the greatest educators of the last century.

The Prime objective of the Salesians is to take care of young people. The mission of empowering the needy youth has spread to over 130 countries. The system of education, Don Bosco imparted to the Salesians is known as the Preventive System. Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness are the three pillars of this system of education that is practiced in all the Don Bosco Institutions.